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    I feel it’s important seeing as I am technically a “reseller” when it comes to the hosting space. All the servers that I rent are dedicated as opposed to “shared hosting” options from other competitors. These shared servers can often be serving content to hundreds if not thousands of clients/websites.

    My approach is different. My two lowest tier plans technically are shared using VPS technology. The difference being, I cap each server to host at most 10 clients. When using such powerful servers hosting 10 clients via one dedicated server is a huge advantage for the consumer. I could just as easily, and for far less internal cost, host all 100+ client’s on one of these aforementioned servers but individual client performance would suffer. This is something we promise never to do.

    The dedicated servers we use are all state of the art servers utilizing multicore vCPU’s, incredible amount’s of RAM, Blazing fast SSD Storage and up to 12TB of transfer speed. When ordering a top-tier dedicated server, it’s all yours. Nobody else is sharing the resources, bandwith and transfer rates. For more details check the Hosting page. I guarantee 99% uptime on all my hosting services and a support staff that is always willing to go the extra mile to resolve most issues within a few hours, same business day.

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